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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chicken and Mushrooms in Puff Pastry

Consider yourselves lucky. I'm giving you guys a famous family recipe.

My mom is notorious for these pastries. She's been making them for about 25 years and everyone still loves and requests them.  My mom (who is actually a MUCH better cook than I am) came up with this in Saudi Arabia, and always easily found the ingredients for this dish in the various countries she has hopefully my 'out of US' readers won't have a hard time with this.

I decided to give this dish a try the other day and it tasted EXACTLY the way it does whenever my mom makes it. My family will vouch for that ;-)

Makes 24 pieces

-1 rotisserie chicken, skin removed and shredded
-1 large onion, diced
-2 1/2 cups fresh sliced mushrooms
-2 tablespoons oregano
-1 1/2 teaspoons ground cardamon
-salt and pepper to taste
-1 package puff pastry sheets (2 rolls)
-2 cups shredded mozzerella cheese

-Heat a large pot and add the chicken, onions and mushrooms. Cook for 10 minutes until the onions and mushrooms wilt. Add the oregano, ground cardamon and salt and pepper. Turn off heat and allow mixture to cool.
-Lay 1 sheet of puff pastry in a large 13x19 baking sheet. Spread chicken mixture on top and sprinkle shredded cheese. Top with second sheet of puff pastry. Carefully cut into squares, 6 slices on the longer side of the pan and 4 slices on the shorter end of the pan for a total of 24 pieces.
-Place baking sheet on the lowest rack in your oven and bake for about 30-35 minutes at 475 degrees.
-Slice and serve!


  1. subhanallah, I always make this dish for my husband, he loves it! I add a little bit of shredded carrots to the mix, it gives it a little something.

  2. I have a question where do you get this puff pastry sheet. This seems like a tasty recipe I'd love to try it.

  3. I usually buy them from a Middle Eastern market, the puff pastry sheets are right next to the puff pastry squares in the freezer section.

    I have also occasionally seen these in larger supermarkets. If you cannot find the sheets, use the the squares and either press them together to form a sheet on a baking pan, or wrap each one individually.

  4. Thank you for sharing, my husband and kids love it.

  5. One of my all time favorites. I've had a version where it's just chicken in the pastry and it just comes out so dry. The mushrooms and cheese are everythingggg- love it!